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Our WondAR Augmented Reality 3D video animation will definitely be a crowd-catcher to your business. The WondAR Augmented Reality system which includes a set of computer hardware consisting of a built-in software which can be conveniently installed in your premises with a simple ‘Plug and Play’ system that can be fitted to available space either in a museum, tour attraction centre, themepark, arcade centre, high footfall mega malls, event spaces, etc. WondAR KFT’s studios in Budapest, Hungary is continuously developing software that the affluent market needs and as our esteemed customer, adding on such software programs is a simple and convenient process at very competitive prices. Our AR system provides a unique edutainment opportunity for all ages to interact among themselves to produce a lasting impression of their recorded experience with the superb AR 3D animation. 

latest augmented reality system perfect for

Family & Kids Entertainment Centre

Learning Centre

Zoo, Safari & Animal Santuary

Shopping Malls

Themepark & tourist spot

Arcade Centre

the content

Choose from our ready-made content packages.
From the first line of code and sketches right through the final animation, we use the latest technology.

Duration : 3 Min 55 Sec

Duration : 3 Min 24 Sec

Duration : 2 Min 02 Sec

our Augmented Reality system features

Experience the latest generation of Big Screen Augmented Reality (AR) 3D animation with Hollywood quality immersive 3D animation, photorealistic models, unmatched video resolution and a Dolby Surround sound.

4K UltraHD video resolution (3840×2160 pixels)

Sound effect play in Dolby Surround

State-of-art Auto Snap-Share Camera with Full HD or Ultra HD camera feed



WondAR Augmented Reality 3D video animation in Dolby Surround System is the benchmark  of quality for all future AR video animation. 

The WondAR AR system is available for sale with training on operations provided to purchasers. However, there maybe other options available that you have in mind and you are most welcome to let us know!


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